Tuesday, April 27, 2010

another crisis

I get the feeling we are in crisis. It seems to me we are having a crisis over the number of crises we are dealing with now. Let's list some of the crises we have been dealing with in the past two years: the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, extremism in Pakistan, the nuclear aspirations of Iran, the Democrats riding rough-sod over the Republicans, the Republicans neutering the Democrats, the mortgage crisis, the collapse of banks, the collapse of the US car industry, the collapse of the US economy, the collapse of the world economy, the earthquake in Haiti, earthquakes in Chile and China, attempted airliner bombings, an American-Islamic psychiatrist turned terrorist, the breakup of a terrorist group that planned to attack NYC subways, illegal aliens, drug wars spilling across the border, Israel expanding settlements in East Jerusalem and, of course, Health Care. Certainly you can add a few more to the list. Even Canada got in there with an unsafe luge track at the Olympics. So will the real crisis please stand up. It has to be the economy, stupid. It always is. The more the economy deteriorates, the less people have, the more disgruntled they become and the more social unrest exists and then comes governmental change. That has to be avoided at all costs. So what does the government do? It creates more crises which divert attention from the situation at hand and makes people feel that something important requires immediate attention and management, that something has to change and so we can all can stand on the side of right and support those who will resolve the crisis. Voile, suddenly it is imperative that we resolve the "health-care crisis." It becomes the most important piece of legislation in four decades. That out of the way, even though the banking system has been shorn up and the economy seems to be getting its legs back under it, the government has to go after Goldman-Sachs and the other bad boys and girls of Wall Street. Who wouldn't want to do battle against a bunch of egg-head do-nothings who steal our money and drive around in Ferraris while talking on platinum cell-phones? Come on now. When are we going to get around to appreciating that we are still here, that our economy is again growing, that we are now aware of global warming and have all started doing our own green thing, that we can still travel freely to most places in the world, that we have an outstanding health-care system that allows us to live to a much greater age, that we can still vote politicians out of office, that Sara Palin can still see Russia from her kitchen window, that we can still change laws without it always being about "life and death" issues, that we can love whom we wish to love. So perhaps we can take a step back from the brink of disaster, take a deep breath, smile and resolve the biggest crisis, who is going to be the Biggest Loser?

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