Sunday, January 20, 2013

I say, tax the insomniacs!

The Supreme Court of the United States, in a decision written by Chief Justice Roberts has made it clear, if we were yet unaware, that Congress has the right to tax anything it sees fit to tax. Therefore, Congress may tax individuals who fail to purchase health insurance. These scoundrels who are avoiding purchasing health insurance clearly are harming society at large. As best as I understand it, insurance companies won't make enough money to keep sick people in their health plans unless more healthy people join the plans. I suppose the assumption is that people who choose not to buy health insurance are healthier as a group than those who buy insurance. So make the healthy ones pay up for the good of the sick. This is good for society in general, it seems. Well, we need to think about taxing others who are interfering with the general well-being of society. I say, tax the insomniacs (here referred to as "the awake.") Why do such a thing, you may ask. There are several good reasons too-awake members of society should be paying for their sleeplessness ("Sleepless in Seatle"? tax the bum.) First of all, it is a well-know medical fact that people are healthier if they sleep eight hours a night. So those who sleep less are less healthy which means they are sicker which means they use more health-care resources. These resources, as we have been told time and again, are extremely costly to our society. Does it not therefore make sense that these more "awake" individuals need to ante up to cover their less healthy life-style? Secondly, we all know that we can acheive more when we have more energy and that we have more energy the more rested we are. Clearly those with a good eight hours of sleep a night will have more energy thereby being more productive than those sleeping less than eight hours(the"awake") thus less energetic and less productive. Reduced productivity is harmful to society, it lowers our GDP and has lots of other bad consequences such as making the "sleepers" have to work harder and be more productive. It may even push the "sleepers" into the "awake." "The awake" clearly need to cover the cost of this reduction in productivity. Hence, the tax. Thirdly, the "sleepers" use precious few resources when asleep, far less electricity, far less heat and no gasoline at all (unless they are asleep at the wheel). The planet and society are well-served by those using less resources. This clearly reflects well on the "sleepers" and poorly on the "awake." We are paying a heavy price for the resources being used by the "awake."


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